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Some pilgrims from Kano State fear they will not be able to attend the Hajj

While Saudi authorities have given Nigeria two more days to accommodate the hajj pilgrimage to the holy land, pilgrims from the country, especially Kano State, are still expressing doubts about their possible repatriation to Saudi Arabia given the slow pace of the journey.

Was originally set as the date by which Saudi authorities will close the country’s ports of entry for the Hajj pilgrimage, but a statement from the Nigerian Hajj Commission (NAHCON) said. on Monday evening confirmed the extension of the deadline for Nigerian hajj companies to complete their work.

However, despite the increase, many Nigerians, especially from Kano State, have expressed doubts and fears about their possible return to the Holy Land. Baba Bala Sheka, one of the passengers, said they were waiting but still did not see Azman’s plane.

Maniyyata Hajj pilgrims waiting at the Kano Hajj camp have also expressed concern over their condition, according to Zulaiha Buhari.

About 900 pilgrims from Kano State have arrived in the holy land, which is contracted by Azman Airlines. However, Azman has promised to evacuate all the pilgrims, according to Alhaji Nuradeen Aliyu, the company’s Hajj operations officer.

However, the Kano State Pilgrims Board said it had sought the assistance of the Nigerian Hajj Commission in this regard, according to Abba Mohammed Danbatta, the executive secretary of the board.

This is happening at a time when the scholars are continuing to educate my constituents about the Hajj application.

More than 44,000 Nigerians are expected to attend this year.

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