NAHCON Signs Agreement with 2022 Hajj Pilots

The Hajj Commission of Nigeria has announced the commencement of the hajj pilgrimage to Nigeria on the 9th of this month as it has signed a flight agreement with three other airlines including Saudi Arabia.
The Chairman of the Nigerian Hajj Commission, Alhaji Zikirullahi Kunle Hassan, has announced that the board will depart for Saudi Arabia on Monday while the first flight will depart on Thursday, the 9th of this month from Maiduguri, Borno State.
Kunle explained that they had to thoroughly evaluate the airlines before selecting the three contractors.
Kunle added that these companies have shown their expertise and efficiency in this time of shortage of jet fuel, so they are confident the companies will be able to operate the aircraft.
The Commissioner for Works of the Hajj Commission, Abdullahi Magaji Hardawa, also disclosed that the cost of seats for Nigerian pilgrims for this year’s hajj is N2.5 million as opposed to previous years.
The chairman of the Hajj Commission, Zikirullah Kunle Hassan, urged airlines to take proper care of the pilgrims so that they would be able to perform the hajj easily during the hajj.

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