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Kano State Private Lawyer Files Lawsuit With Governor

Since the military junta, the government has set aside these three hours, banning the movement of people in and around Kano for the public to carry out garbage collection and sanitation.

According to the petition filed by Barrister Ibrahim Baba, the plaintiffs are the Governor of Kano, the Commissioner of Police, the Commissioner of Justice and the Attorney General of Kano, the Commissioner of Environment and the Ministry of Environment of Kano.

Barr. Elaborating on the package, Ibrahim Baba said banning people from moving in those hours violated his rights as a Kano State citizen and other residents of Kano State, saying the move contradicted the provisions. the provision of civil liberties enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

According to Barr Ibrahim Baba, there is a difference between sanitation and banning public transportation in the city.

What remains to be seen is how she will fare before the Kano High Court.

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