PDP Jigawa Adopt Chair as Running Mate

Since the PDP primary election of Gubetorial aspirants across the states in march 2022, the public is wailingly to see the running mates of the governors and president aspirants. 

The Leaders of the Jigawa State PDP and the Leader of the Opposition facilitators endorsed Hon. Babandi Ibrahim Gumel Ph.D. is the candidate for Alhaji Mustapha Sule Lamido as the Deputy Governor of Jigawa State in the 2023 elections.

Prior to his appointment, he was the Chairman of the Jigawa State PDP, the former Vice President of the State Party, the former Commissioner of Information, Youth, Sports and Culture of Jigawa State, a former Member of Parliament for Gumel, a former teacher of the College of Education. State, a former Journalist in Triumph and a successful farmer.

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