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Poem: WhatsApp Warriors By Y.Z Ya’u

WhatsApp Warriors

When claiming the streets
As in the pattern of the Arab spring
Proves difficult, or even impossible
We retreat to social media

Determined to continue with the struggle
We set up a WhatsApp Group
After discovering our mutual fury in the platform called X
To unite us as a solid revolutionary group

In no time, the deluge of furious posts
Begins swarming our handsets
In a day, we would have a thousand posts
To be read by the less than 50 of members of group

The posts fire our adrenaline
We become animated in the debates
Devoting our energy, time and intellect
For a debate no else see or hear

We abuse each other
Believing the more vitriolic we sound, the higher our revolutionary credentials
We fight dirty, substituting ourselves for our enemy
Now we take the WhatsApp to be the new streets

We fire ballistics at each other
Our language becomes atrocious
Our convoluted syntax becomes horrendous
We ourselves are not sure what is the meaning of it all

But we savor the little victories
Of chasing some of the members away from the group
Those we termed as renegades, and apologetics of the ruling class
We celebrate their departure by summarizing the fine points of our debate

The departing soon set up a new group
With their number, reaching about half of the former group
Leaving behind a smaller group, no less bigger
The minuscule will continue to shrink

The debate has nothing to do with the issues of the moment
Nor is it relating to the condition of the people
The debate becomes the reason for the struggle
No longer the tool of the revolution

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