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Kano’s Water Shortage Persists: A State of Emergency in Name Only

Kano residents are lamenting the severe water shortage plaguing both urban and rural areas of the state during the Ramadan fast. The residents rely on the state water board, government and philanthropist-established boreholes, as well as water vendors to meet their daily water needs.

Ibrahim Danasabe, a resident of Rano Sabon Gari, noted that the water supply problem is not new to the area, stating, “The problem didn’t start today, and we are used to it because we buy water daily from hawkers who supply water from boreholes around. But sometimes you wake up without anything in your pocket; that’s where the problem comes in because the hawkers won’t give you water free.”

In Dorayi Quarters of Gwale Local Government, Abubakar Muhammad highlighted the longstanding issue of water scarcity in Kano, citing it as a significant challenge persisting for decades. Mr. Muhammad stressed, “It is unfortunate that up to now, the residents are battling water scarcity in Kano metropolitan areas. It is high time for authorities to address the problem squarely because it has thrown many people into more hardships, particularly during this Ramadan fasting.”

CITAD Radio learned that a 25-liter jerrycan of water, previously priced at N70, now ranges from N150 to N200, depending on the location.

Aliyu Aliyu, another resident of Hotoro Quarters in Tarauni local government, expressed dismay over the persistent water scarcity, a fundamental need for the community. “Most people rely on public water supply, while others rely on local wells for their water supply,” he said.

CITAD Radio reached out to Engineer Ahmad Garba Bichi, the managing director of the Kano State Water Board, who apologized to the residents for the board’s failure to provide water. Engineer Bichi expressed regret to the residents of the state and surrounding areas for the ongoing water shortage issue.

He clarified that the scarcity wasn’t deliberate, attributing it to the ongoing repairs at the water treatment plants in Challawa and Tamburawa. He stated that the water board is undertaking efforts to enhance water supply for the entire city and surrounding areas.

Upon assuming office in May 2023, Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf announced a state of emergency regarding water supply. He instructed the state water board to present their requirements for restoring water supply promptly. Despite the declaration, the government had not taken definitive actions to address the issue days later.

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