Tinubu Condemns Gabon Coup, Emphasizes Africa’s Need for Upheld Rule of Law

President Bola Tinubu has voiced his profound apprehension regarding the unfolding political events in Gabon and the imperative of maintaining socio-political stability within the nation. Tinubu’s response swiftly followed the appearance of a group of Gabonese military officers on television, announcing the overthrow of the current regime and the nullification of an election that officially declared President Ali Bongo Ondimba as the winner.

Speaking on behalf of the President, Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, highlighted Tinubu’s conviction that safeguarding the rule of law and adhering faithfully to constitutional mechanisms for resolving electoral disputes is a paramount duty for Africa.

“As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu vigilantly observes the developments in Gabon, he does so with a deep concern for the stability of the country and the escalating influence of autocracy that appears to be spreading across different corners of our cherished continent,” Ngelale expressed.

“Given his own enduring commitment and personal sacrifices in the advancement and protection of democracy, the President firmly believes that power belongs in the hands of the exceptional people of Africa, rather than in the barrel of a loaded gun.”

Ngelale further communicated Tinubu’s assertion that “the rule of law and unwavering adherence to constitutional resolutions and instruments for settling electoral disputes must perpetually remain a cornerstone of our illustrious continent.”

According to Ngelale, President Tinubu is actively engaged in collaboration with fellow heads of state within the African Union, striving to establish a comprehensive consensus on the subsequent steps for addressing the Gabon crisis. This effort is intertwined with the broader concern about how the continent will collectively respond to the encroachment of autocracy that is currently manifesting.

In the face of uncertainty, Tinubu’s stance reflects his resolute belief in upholding democratic principles and the rule of law as non-negotiable foundations for Africa’s progress.

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