Tinubu’s Resolute Leadership: Ministers on Notice for Performance, Not Afraid of Accountability – Presidential Spokesperson Asserts

In the aftermath of his resounding victory in the February 25 election, President Bola Tinubu has embarked on an unequivocal mission to define and pursue specific objectives for every sector across the nation.

These goals, meticulously outlined over the past several months, underscore his unwavering commitment to progress. The newly inaugurated ministers must heed this clarion call for achievement, as failure will not find refuge under Tinubu’s administration, emphasized presidential spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale on Monday.

Speaking candidly on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Ngelale, Senior Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, illuminated the President’s formidable stance on performance and accountability.

“The President has meticulously crafted the yardsticks,”  Ngelale declared.

“What remains is the rigorous enforcement, a principle that President Tinubu, true to his legacy as a former governor of Lagos State, has never shied away from. He possesses the unflinching resolve to wield decisive action, even including the prospect of dismissal, to ensure the realization of desired outcomes.”

He added, “Fear of failure is not within President Tinubu’s lexicon. It is clear that if this administration falters, it will not be the ministers or a subset of ministers held accountable. Ultimately, the verdict will be that President Bola Tinubu fell short, an outcome he categorically refuses to embrace.”

Ngelale underscored that during the transitional period from president-elect to his formal inauguration on May 29, President Tinubu orchestrated the establishment of comprehensive reform committees spanning all sectors of governance.

“In essence,” Ngelale explained, “[Tinubu] scrutinized President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements and forged a roadmap to elevate and expand upon these accomplishments. Our strategy centers on a methodical execution plan, complete with time-bound benchmarks. This novel approach empowers ministers with a concrete framework to gauge their performance.”

“Ministers, upon assuming office, are inherently aware of the milestones they must attain within the designated timeframe prescribed by President Tinubu. This unprecedented paradigm shift in Nigerian governance history heralds a new era of accountability,” Ngelale remarked.

In closing, Ngelale’s articulation affirmed President Tinubu’s stance as a leader unafraid of fostering a culture of responsibility and achievement within his administration. As the nation observes this uncharted chapter, ministers stand on notice, tasked with realizing objectives that align with Tinubu’s ambitious vision for Nigeria’s progress.

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