Kano APC Calls for Fasting and Prayers Ahead of Tribunal Verdict

In the run-up to the anticipated governorship election petition tribunal verdict, the Kano State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged its members to observe a period of fasting and prayer, seeking divine intervention for a favorable outcome.

The party’s Secretary, Ibrahim Zakari Sarina, disclosed to Daily Trust on Monday that following the party’s directive, a significant number of their supporters have already embarked on the fasting regimen while congregating for prayers at various wards and local government areas.

This development occurs just within 48 hours of a similar event organized by the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), the main rival of the APC in the state. The NNPP’s prayer session, held on Saturday, was also geared towards seeking divine favor for the tribunal judgment and for peace and stability to reign in the state.

Sarina emphasized, “In adherence to our democratic principles, we have chosen a path of peaceful prayer and reflection rather than engaging in disruptive activities that could be misconstrued.”

Acknowledging the economic challenges faced by many, he clarified, “Given the prevailing economic conditions in the country, we have suggested, but not mandated, that those who are financially capable partake in the fasting. Many have already commenced the fasting today (Monday).”

Furthermore, Sarina elaborated that the prayer sessions have been decentralized to the ward and local government levels, thereby ensuring control and avoiding any untoward incidents. This decision aims to maintain a peaceful and orderly atmosphere during the prayer period.

“At the grassroots level, within local governments and even at our campaign offices across the state, prayer sessions are being held,” Sarina elucidated. “Our intention is to avoid any potential disorderly conduct. We are actively participating ourselves; for instance, I’m traveling to my village to join them today (Monday) for the fast-breaking and prayers.”

The political climate in Kano State has been increasingly charged since a judge from the Election Petition Tribunal, Flora Azinge, raised concerns about alleged attempts by certain lawyers to influence the tribunal’s decision via bribes. This revelation has triggered exchanges of accusations and counter-accusations between the APC and NNPP within the state.

As the days wind down towards the tribunal’s verdict, both parties’ commitment to invoking divine guidance underscores the significance of the upcoming judgment and its potential implications for the political landscape in Kano.

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