Rumors of Registration Fee Hike at BUK Unfounded, University Confirms

Amidst the recent buzz on social media regarding an alleged hike in registration fees at Bayero University Kano (BUK), university officials have clarified that the rumors are baseless and without merit.

In a phone interview with university PRO Lamara Garba disclosed this to CIATD Radio, saying the claim is a totally untrue and false claim.

Speculation regarding the fee hike began circulating on various social media platforms, causing concern among students and parents alike.

However, the university swiftly addressed the issue, assuring the BUK community and the public that the claims were entirely unfounded.

The rumors of a registration fee hike at Bayero University Kano have been officially refuted by the university administration. Students and parents can rest assured that there have been no changes in the registration fees for the upcoming academic year.

The university administration advises the BUK community to rely on verified sources of information to avoid falling prey to misleading rumors in the future.

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