IBB urged Nigerians to seek God’s help on political matters

The former military leader of Nigeria, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has urged the people of the country to seek the help of God (SWT) on all the political issues of the country.

Babangida said this during a press conference in Minna, the capital of Niger State, as part of his birthday celebrations.

In his speech, the former president urged Nigerians to continue to believe in national unity and to keep in mind that everything will settle down gradually.

He said, “I am asking you to be patient with each other, and continue to pray to seek God’s help in some matters related to life and politics.”

The former president of Nigeria, said that there is a need to continue to raise awareness among the people on how to live in peace with each other and achieve sustainable development.

He also advised journalists to support the efforts to unite the country.

He said, if the journalists will ignore the spreaders of rumours, then they will definitely find ways to convey their messages properly.

You are doing the right thing in trying to unite the country and even change the people of Nigeria, he said.

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