The number of gunmen attacks has increased in Nigeria – Report

Beacon Consulting, a security research firm in the Sahel region, said that the number of attacks by militants in Nigeria increased last July by 35% compared to the previous month.

In a report released today Monday, the company said that there were 506 attacks in 236 local governments of the country.

The attacks that caused the death of 576 people and the kidnapping of 525 others.

However, the report shows that the number of deaths due to attacks decreased by 24 percent in July.

While public theft decreased by 19 percent compared to the previous month of June.

In his conversation with the BBC, the company’s president, Dr. Kabir Adamu said that the month of July was the most complicated in terms of security in the recent history of Nigeria, where three security council meetings were held due to the situation of violence.

He said that the main thing that raised the concern was the attack on the Kuje Prison under the Federal Capital, Abuja, which caused fear that the city and other neighboring states could be attacked.

Dr. Kabiru added that after the attack, there were government officials who visited the prison and gave conflicting information.

Similarly, the embassies in Abuja have issued a warning to their countrymen to be careful about the current situation in the country, which all shows the difficult situation the country is in in terms of security at this time.

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