CITAD Urges Nigerian Government to Reconsider Telecom Tax Proposal

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) is raising serious concerns over the Nigerian government’s plan to reintroduce telecom taxes. In a press release issued on Wednesday, Executive Director Y.Z Ya’u emphasized the potential negative impact of such a move on citizens and the nation’s digital advancement.

CITAD opposes the proposed telecom tax reintroduction, highlighting worries about increased financial strain on citizens, particularly when coupled with rising charges in other sectors. Ya’u stressed that imposing taxes on telecommunication services could exacerbate affordability and accessibility challenges, potentially deterring individuals from engaging with the sector.

Rather than implementing measures that could deepen financial burdens, CITAD advocates for prioritizing initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusive development. Specifically, the organization calls for investments in last-mile connectivity infrastructure to reach underserved areas, subsidies for communities lacking access to telecom services, simplification of regulatory processes to encourage sector investment, and initiatives to enhance digital literacy among citizens.

CITAD urges the government to explore alternative revenue generation strategies that do not compromise the affordability and accessibility of telecommunications services. By fostering collaboration between government, private sector, and civil society, Nigeria can expand telecommunications infrastructure in underserved regions, ensuring equitable access and driving inclusive socio-economic growth.


Y.Z Ya’u
Executive Director,
Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)

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