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Inside Kano Community Where Residents Rely on Dirty Water for Drinking, Survival

Residents of Gogel in the Warawa Local Government Area of Kano State have called on the government and other well-meaning Nigerians to come to their aid regarding the source of water in the community.

In the community, residents do not know what clean water looks like. When CITAD Radio visited the community, it was discovered that they had no access to clean water. The villagers said they had tried every means to get government intervention but to no avail.

A resident identified as Malam Shuaibu Muhammad told CITAD Radio that the pound, their only source of water, serves the general population of the community.

“We suffer from a lack of water, especially in the dry season. Our people usually go to the Sharifai (an open pond) as early as possible to get water.”

“You can see that people are fetching from here. This is what we drink.”

Another community member, Mukhtar Dan Almajiri, told our reporters that some years back, the government had constructed hand pumps in the community; unfortunately, none of the hand pumps is functioning today.

Corroborating further on this, Mukhtar Dan Almajiri said that the absence of a functional and reliable water source has greatly affected service delivery in their children’s attendance in school.

“The wells in the community are also in a bad state and need to be fixed, the hand pumps in the community become a playing ground for children,” Usman said.

Water scarcity is not uncommon in many parts of Kano state; safe and potable drinking water remains a luxury, especially in rural communities like Gogel.

The residents called on governments at all levels, as well as non-governmental organizations, to come to their aid by providing them with alternative sources of water to ease their suffering.


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