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OKDI Joins CITAD, FOMBINA IMPRINTS for Yobe State’s 3rd Creative Writing Workshop

The Open Knowledge Development Initiative, in partnership with the Center for Information Technology and Development and Fombina Imprints, is delighted to announce the upcoming 3rd edition of the Annual Creative Writing Workshop in 2023, scheduled to take place in Yobe State.

This annual workshop, with a successful track record impacting numerous creatives across Nigeria, initially commenced in Gombe in 2020 with a focus on 50 participants. The subsequent edition in 2021, held at the American Corner in Bauchi, expanded its reach to over 50 participants in the state. Now, for its 3rd edition, slated for December 2023 and specifically targeting creatives in Yobe, the Annual Creative Writing Workshop is poised to continue its mission of nurturing young talents and empowering them to become influential voices, accomplished creatives, writers, and community builders.

Past participants of our workshops have achieved notable success, winning national prizes, publishing books, and actively contributing as community builders by establishing mentoring platforms in their respective communities.

The upcoming third edition is envisioned as a comprehensive three-day event, focusing on delivering meticulously crafted workshops covering various aspects of writing and leadership development. Accomplished writers and community builders will facilitate these sessions, and participants can anticipate receiving books, certificates, mentorship connections, and exposure to potential publishers and prizes that will significantly enrich their creative journey.

*Application Details:*
Eligible individuals from Yobe State who are eager to attend the physical sessions in Damaturu are encouraged to apply through the provided Google Form. The application deadline is set for November 30th.

We look forward to an inspiring and transformative experience for the participants!

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