Niger Hosts Nigerian Islamic Delegation for Peace Talks Amidst Coup D’état Concerns

Niamey, Niger – August 12, 2023

In a bid to address growing concerns over the recent coup d’état attempt in Nigeria and its potential implications for stability in the West African region, Niger played host to a historic visit by a delegation of Nigerian Islamic scholars. The delegation arrived in the capital city of Niamey for a series of peace talks aimed at fostering dialogue and cooperation in the face of the challenging political situation.

The Nigerian Islamic scholars, led by prominent religious leaders and intellectuals, arrived in Niger on August 12th, responding to an invitation extended by the Nigerien government. The delegation included representatives from various Islamic groups and sects in Nigeria, showcasing a united front in their pursuit of peaceful resolutions to the ongoing crisis.

During the peace talks, the Nigerian Islamic scholars engaged in rigorous discussions with both Nigerien government officials and local religious leaders.

The delegation comprises of IZALA sect, Qadiriyya, Tijjaniya among other  prominent and recognized scholars.

The delegation expressed their commitment to working towards a resolution that respects the will of the Nigerian people while ensuring that peace remains a top priority.

As the talks progress, the world watches with bated breath, hoping that the joint efforts of the Nigerian delegation and the Nigerien government will pave the way for a peaceful resolution to the coup crisis and foster lasting stability in the region.

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