Hasken Kano and a collaboration of other civil society organizations have validated the developed gubernatorial campaign tracker.

Kano – During the 2023 general election, Hasken Kano collaborated with Partnership Engage, Reform, and Learn (PERL) and UK Aid to develop a charter that addresses major concerns in Kano.

The charter was submitted to all gubernatorial candidates before the election, and the contenders agreed to work with it upon assuming office if elected.

Today, Hasken Kano has validated the tracker website and examined the content and citizens’ charter demands for one of the successfully elected governors.

Since the beginning of the event, Isa Surajo of PERL has highlighted the work and achievements of PERL and Hasken Kano, particularly in tracking. He also emphasized their efforts in tracking and monitoring budget implementation, stating

2215 needs from the people of Kano were submitted to the House for inclusion in the budget, but only 1125 have been added.”

Safiyanu L. Bichi led the discussion on the charter, its purpose, and the public’s opinions and inputs regarding it. The candidate of the NNPP party was declared the winner in the March poll.

However, Hasken Kano took the blueprint of his manifesto and checked for the demands that are feasible, developing a tracker for them.

Tahir Mahmud Saleh guided the participants on the concept and functionality of the tracker. Later, the tracking website was unveiled by Mubarak Daha and participants were asked for suggestions and input.

The tracker would serve as the measurements tools of tracking and accessing the possible promises and other task by the incoming administration.

At the end of the gathering, various suggestions and ideas were proposed to the event organizers regarding the way forward.

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