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MacArthur Tasks CITAD Data Analysis Trainees to Apply Knowledge for Academic, Professional Advancement

Dr. Kole Shettima, the Director of MacArthur Foundation’s Nigeria office, urged participants of the CITAD Data Analysis training to apply the knowledge they acquired during the program to enhance their academic and professional endeavors.

During his visit to the Kano CITAD office on Tuesday, Dr. Shettima emphasized that STATA, a versatile statistical software package, is widely utilized by researchers across various fields for tasks such as data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting.

He stated, “The universities and other institutions you are associated with should incorporate this training, provided by CITAD, into your curriculum.”

Dr. Shettima further advised the participants to capitalize on the training to develop their learning skills, enabling them to excel within their respective institutions.

The CITAD Executive Director, Engr. Y.Z Ya’u, highlighted that this program aligns with the center’s objective of equipping academia and other sectors with advanced data analysis knowledge.

Engr. Ya’u added that the training would contribute to enhancing research in academia, civil society organizations, and government agencies. He noted that the participants were selected from academia, civil society organizations (CSOs), and government agencies.

Engr. Ya’u further emphasized that CITAD introduced the training recognizing the growing significance of data, not only for academic purposes but also for informing public policies.

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