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Google commits to ads safety in Africa

Google has stated that user safety is its top priority when it comes to ads and monetised content on its platforms.

According to the firm, it works to prevent malicious use of its advertising services and make them safer for people, businesses, and publishers. It noted that in Africa, access to quality information has become more important since the onset covid pandemic.

It explained that as people manage more of their lives online, their concerns over how personal data is gathered, used, and shared have grown. It said this has caused search interest in private browsing to increase by +60 per cent in Nigeria, +30 per cent in South Africa, and +110 per cent in Kenya in the last 2022.

In a statement, Managing Director, Africa at Google, Nitin Gajria, stated, “At Google, we are committed to making the ad-supported web a safer and more private place for everyone in Africa.

We believe that by giving people control over their data and investing in privacy-safe advertising, we can secure a future for the ad-supported web that benefits everyone.

“In light of the growing concern for privacy, Google has placed users at the centre of its work across every product. In October of last year, the company launched My Ad Center globally, allowing anyone to see and control how their data is used to show them ads on Search, Discover and YouTube.

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