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Advance of ICT should be used in well being of PWD’s


Centre for Information Technology and Development CITAD conducted a one-day panel discussion on ICT for people living with disabilities to enhance active engagement in Good Governance in Nigeria.


The Executive Director of CITAD Engr Yunusa Zakari Ya’u, who was Represented by CITAD Media and Communication Officer Mal Ali Sabo said, Research has shown that over 20 million people are living with disabilities in different clusters in the country. In line with this, Digital migration of basic services has been threatening to create a challenging step for many PWDs particularly the visual and hearing impaired and they are limited in space of learning, accessibility and the use of ICT.


Mal sabo said, CITAD main objective of the project is to drive Accountability and Good Governance in Nigeria which is titled as mobilizing and catalyzing citizens’ Actions for accountable Election.


However, CITAD would continue to focus on how to support and amplify the voice of people living with Disabilities to demand accountability, especially on issues that affect them directly.


In addition, CITAD will train people with Disabilities on social media for accountability and how corruption is affecting their lives, through video documentaries and a series of positive advocacy.


On her part, The zonal coordinator of the National Association of People with physical disability in Kano, Hajiya Bilkisu Ado zango in her presentation explained that, if PWDs are giving enable space on ICT their voices will be heard, job creation and positive actions will break the barriers that they are encountering in their daily activities.


Hajiya Bilkisu also said the accessibility of ICT for PWDs will allow them to participate and benefit from the digital space same will be part of massive means of communication In the country.


The Chair Panel of the Discussion, Prof Jibril I Diso added that CITAD is a known organization that cares for and includes PWDs in their activities in the state.


Other concerns raised by the panellists to CITAD include


1. ICTs and telecommunication companies, should devote a substantial

part of their corporate social responsibilities and commitment to

support social inclusion of people living with disabilities

educationally in schools.


2. CSOs should mount substantial advocacy for national digital inclusion agenda that will mainstream people living with

disabilities in national digital space.


3. CSOs should monitor the extent to which institutions of higher learning implement digital inclusion programmes.


4. CSOs should support digital skills provision for people living with

disabilities at all levels.


5. Philanthropists should establish centres for people living with disabilities on digital skills.


Furthermore, During the General discussion, participants made the following comments:


• PWDs must learn how to use social media platforms. If PWDs could not

make the use of social media it could be difficult for them to attain and achieve their goals as social media platforms are major tools for

the demand for accountability everywhere in the world


• CITAD should continue with its engagement with PWDs, especially on

internet and ICTs


• The issue of PWDs bill is still hanging around in Kano State, CITAD should spearhead its actualization


• There is a need for organizing step-down training for the larger society of

PWDs in Kano to bring everyone involved particularly about the

issues raised at this panel discussion


• We shouldn’t limit ourselves to ICTs, there are other challenging

issues that affect PWDs in the State.


• We must be part of Budget processes since from the planning, implementation and monitoring not limiting ourselves to the budgeth earing.


• There is PWDs ICT special Center in Zaria, Kaduna State, Kano doesn’t answer her name in this regard. We must stand and see the

establishment of such a centre in Kano state


• Inclusive education helps and motivates those that are physically okay when they see us among themselves.

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