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IMN Pledges to Partner CITAD on Ending Gender-based Violence

In an effort to eradicate gender based violence in the society, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), has expressed readiness to partner with Centre  for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), in tackling the scourge of gender-based violence, especially violence against women and girls in Kano state.
The head of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Kano, Malam Sunusi Abdulkadir, stated this today saturday, when the CITAD GBV project team on an advocacy visit to his home.
Sunusi Abdulkadir stated that combating Gender-based Violence  should be from every angle; individuals should try their very best in protecting themselves, the perpetrators should stop the violence, organizations such as CITAD aiding in creating awareness, and the government whose duty is protecting the people it is governing should make sure it is protecting its subject.
Abdulkadir further said that some of the perpetrators hide under the umbrella of religion and commit violence which is not among the teachings of the religion, and there are films and music that are promoting violence that need to be censored before public consumption.
Malam Sanusi also explained that in Islamic Religion women are  prestigious and have every right to be educated like their male counterparts.
He concluded that the rules and regulations that provides  an environment that is safe, non-discriminatory, non-exploitative and free from harassment and sexual assault is what we should all strive for.
Malam Sunusi Abdulkadir said that if woman is educated the whole nation will benefit from her because she will nurture the upcoming generation, likewise if she is not educated and violated the society will suffer from it.
According to the project team, the visit was to officially introduce the project to the forum to seek commitment and support in preventing gender based violence in the state.

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