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Shun hate speech, CITAD tells Nigerians

Center for Information Technology and Development has called on Nigerians to refrain from any act of hate for the continued unity and peaceful existence of the country.

CITAD Project Manager, Malam Hamza Ibrahim made the called while presenting a survey report titled “Extinguishing Hate Speech, Roles that Politicians, Religious and Community are to follow in combating the menace.”

common among Nigerian populations.

Ibrahim said going by what happened in the history of Nigeria, joining hands in mitigating the problem of inciting comments by different sections of the society should be encouraged.

He added that, it is high for all the stakeholders, politicians, religious and community leaders to lead the masses in promoting peace.

According to him, “This is an outcome of our research finding conducted in various states which we engaged all stakeholders including the media, to come up with something that will be a yardstick in discouraging anything of this nature by enlightening different community groups.”

He emphasised the need for mutual respect and tolerance among Nigerians, describing that as a catalyst for peaceful coexistence of the country.

“We strongly call on Politicians, Religious and Community Leaders at their different levels to use the opportunity they have in preaching for peace, good values, and shun away from any comments that are capable of bringing hatred among their followers with other groups or section of the public.

“Reports shows that hate speech can cause many unwanted things especially chaos among others.

“Religious leaders from Islam and Christianity, should adopt the system of promoting positive advantages of peace in their places of worship.

“Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) and Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) are suppose to be at the forefront of sensitizing their members as it’s in the teachings of the two major religion,” Ibrahim stated.



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Shun hate speech, CITAD tells Nigerians


Ku kauracewa kalaman batanci, suna raba kan kasa – CITAD




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