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COVID-19: Kano govt. kicks as CSO calls for schools closure

A Civil Society Organisation, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has urged Kano State government to close schools for some months due to surging daily coronavirus infections.

According to the CSO, the Kano state government has not put enough measures in place to stop the spread of the virus in schools after reopening last month.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, the CITAD Coordinator onCOVID-19 Protocol, Ali Sabo  expressed dismay over the violation of COVID-19 Protocol in most Schools in Kano especially classrooms which are overcrowded, therefore no room for social distance to be enforced.

Solacebase reports that on Sunday 31th January, Kano recorded additional 40 cases of  COVID-19 infections with 2 death.

Ali Sabo said following an assessment and survey carried out by CITAD on COVID-19 protocols in some schools, it has discovered that most schools were not ready for safe reopening.

‘’It is surprising that Kano State Government ordered civil servants to stay at home over the rising second wave of COVID-19 with exception of schools, do people overcrowd offices like students overcrowd classes, Sabo asked?

“Our concern came amid increasing COVID-19 cases and deaths, in the state and country at large, Sabo added.”

CITAD also advised Kano state government to provide more structures in public schools to minimize overcrowding in classrooms and hostels.

However, speaking to Solacebase on the development, Kano State Commissioner for Education, Malam, Muhammad Sanusi Kiru said the state government is not ready to close schools over COVID-19.

Kiru said apart from the state inspectorate division, the federal government team saddled with monitoring, compliance with the protocol and guidelines on COVID-19 protocol have not found our schools wanting.

‘’We believe that as an observer, we ought to have been contacted on what they discovered in our schools before going to the press and calling for schools closure over their findings, with these they are not fair to the education sector,’’ Kiru lamented.

On the issue of overcrowding in schools, the commissioner said that is expected considering the free and compulsory education introduced in the state.

‘’Naturally, you know that enrolment is high and construction of schools or rehabilitation is an annual event, it is something that is inserted in the budget. We are just in the new year, so whatever project we have in the budget, funds are expected to be released anytime from now.’’

‘’Kano has the highest rate of schools enrolment in the country and we have to look at our peculiarity.’’

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