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NEWSCorruption Fuelling Nigeria’s Insecurity -CITAD


The Executive Director of the Centre for Information Technology and Development CITAD, Mallam Yunusa Z Ya’u has said that the fight against insecurity in Nigeria would not succeed with fighting corruption holistically among various agencies of government


Mallam Ya’u stated this during two book presentations authored by the center titled “The Compromised State: How Corruption Sustains Insecurity in Nigeria” and Context and Content in Hate Speech Discourse in Nigeria”.

He said hate speech and corruption has immensely fuelled the security challenges facing the country presently and that only addressing them will bring peace and security to the nation.

He said as a result of corruption in the security sector, many heads of security agencies want to remain in power for the conflicts to continue.

The Director further recommended that the fight against corruption should not remain within the federal government agencies alone, and that the state government should also be part of the machinery to fight corruption.

While urging leaders, government officials and other relevant stakeholders to read and act on the recommendations made by the books, he also charged them to mobilize the fight against corruption among the citizens.


“Government should strive to fight against corruption among the citizens, not just talking about huge amounts of money all the time. They should change the language they are using when it comes to corruption. There is corruption in the family, among friends and other places.”

He advocates that Civil Society Organizations and the media should also begin to pay attention to local contents so that corruption can be addressed at inception level.

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