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CITAD and Data Rights Coalitions Advocate for Digital Rights Protection in Nigeria

Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) joined forces with several data and digital rights coalitions to embark on a significant advocacy visit to the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), last week in Abuja.

CITAD Abuja Program Officer, Mrs Yesmin Salako said “the primary objective of this meeting is to engage in a constructive dialogue, shedding light on the various advantages that democratic digital rights norms and frameworks can bring to the nation”

During the visit, Yesmin Salako and the coalition emphasized the growing importance of protecting digital rights in an increasingly technology-driven world. They highlighted the need to safeguard the privacy and personal data of Nigerian citizens, especially in the context of the rapid expansion of digital services and platforms.

The delegation also conveyed their strong belief that promoting and upholding democratic digital rights norms would not only foster a more secure and transparent digital ecosystem but also contribute significantly to the overall development and progress of Nigeria. They stressed the potential for digital rights to empower individuals, promote freedom of expression, and foster a vibrant digital economy.

Furthermore, the coalition members expressed their desire to collaborate closely with the Nigeria Data Protection Commission to establish a robust and comprehensive framework for data protection in the country. They envisioned a partnership that would involve shared expertise, resources, and a collective effort to address emerging challenges related to data privacy and security.

During the discussions, the participants engaged in a thorough exchange of ideas and experiences, with both sides acknowledging the urgency of addressing digital rights concerns in a timely and effective manner. The Nigeria Data Protection Commission expressed its appreciation for the coalition’s proactive approach and commitment to advancing data protection initiatives.

The advocacy visit to the Nigeria Data Protection Commission marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to promote democratic digital rights in the country. The collaboration between CITAD, other data and digital rights coalitions, and the commission demonstrated a collective determination to create a secure and progressive digital landscape that respects and safeguards the rights of all Nigerian citizens.

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