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WAJIC to Unite Journalists in Abuja for Groundbreaking Discussions on Journalism’s Future

By Sheikh Abbas

The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development is gearing up for its highly anticipated inaugural West Africa Journalism Innovation Conference (WAJIC) in Abuja, Nigeria. Taking place from July 24th to 26th, 2023, this groundbreaking conference aims to foster collaboration and inspire innovation among journalists from across the African continent and beyond.

Kicking off with an engaging Art Exhibition on the evening of July 24th, WAJIC2023 will bring together a diverse array of professionals, including journalists, media experts, academics, policymakers, and government institutions. With a focus on exploring the depths of journalism’s significance, accountability, and innovation, the conference aims to shape the future of journalism in Africa and on a global scale.

WAJIC2023 promises an array of enriching workshops, panels, and discussions that will delve into the latest media innovations and technological tools capable of amplifying journalism in Africa. Moreover, this gathering will provide a unique opportunity for career networking, enabling participants to forge valuable connections within the industry.

As the largest assembly of its kind in West Africa, the conference will serve as a platform where journalists from all walks of life can unite, share their thoughts and ideas, and collectively polish the craft of journalism. With an ambitious vision for the future, WAJIC2023 is set to revolutionize journalism and pave the way for a new era of storytelling in Africa and beyond.

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