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CSO In Kano State Urged to Declare State of Emergency on Phone Snatching

In response to the escalating wave of phone snatching incidents in Kano State, concerned civil society organizations (CSOs) held a press conference today at the YOSPIS headquarters. The organizations highlighted the urgent need for a state of emergency declaration and proposed various measures to combat this growing security concern.
The surge in phone snatching cases has become a matter of great alarm and insecurity for the residents of Kano State. Criminals, armed with dangerous weapons, are targeting innocent individuals on a daily basis, with armed thugs predominantly on Keke Napep vehicles being the perpetrators. Tragically, numerous individuals have lost their lives in violent encounters with these phone snatchers. In a disturbing escalation, these criminals have started invading houses in broad daylight, posing a significant threat to the safety of the community.
Recognizing the vital role of security in maintaining peace and stability within communities, the youth of Kano State have pledged their commitment to promoting security and peaceful coexistence. As CSOs focused on youth development, they have put forward several recommendations to safeguard communities against phone snatching and other local crimes.
The first line of defense advised by the CSOs is for individuals to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Avoiding walking alone in dimly lit or isolated areas, especially during late hours, can reduce the risk of becoming a target. Furthermore, residents are encouraged to keep a low profile by refraining from flaunting expensive smartphones or valuable belongings in public. Concealing devices with phone cases and setting up password protection or biometric locks are also recommended to secure phones against unauthorized access.
Additional precautions include minimizing phone usage in crowded places, maintaining a firm grip on the device while in public, and avoiding suspicious individuals by seeking crowded or well-lit areas. The CSOs also suggest using discreet hands-free devices, reporting incidents promptly to the nearest police station, and preserving any relevant information that can aid in the identification of the culprits.
The CSOs have also directed their recommendations towards the government and security agencies, emphasizing the need for proactive measures. They propose an increase in law enforcement presence, especially in areas prone to phone snatching, as a deterrent to potential criminals. The installation of adequate street lighting infrastructure in known hotspots is advocated to enhance safety and enable individuals to identify threats more easily. The CSOs further call for public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the risks of phone snatching and the preventive measures they can take.
To strengthen surveillance efforts, the CSOs suggest installing CCTV cameras in strategic locations for identification and apprehension of phone snatchers. They emphasize the importance of coordination between security agencies, conducting regular joint patrols, and establishing dedicated hotlines for citizens to report incidents promptly. The CSOs also recommend reviewing and updating existing legislation, increasing penalties for offenders, and expediting the judicial process for swift trials and convictions.
Collaboration with mobile service providers is another area the CSOs highlight, urging partnerships to implement measures such as IMEI blocking to render stolen phones useless. Community engagement through neighborhood watch programs and community policing initiatives is encouraged to foster a sense of collective responsibility and aid in deterring phone snatching incidents.
In their concluding remarks, the CSOs called upon the incoming Governor of Kano State, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf, to declare a State of Emergency on Phone Snatching. They proposed the establishment of a special task force to collaborate with the police and judiciary, facilitating speedy investigation, prosecution, and trial of phone snatching cases. The CSOs further advocated for the creation of specific departments within police headquarters and dedicated courts to handle such cases effectively.
Salim Sani Shehuhttp://www.citadradio.com.ng
Salim is a multimedia journalist with vast knowladge of content creation and production

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