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It is imperative that we restore security in the Tera-Bazoum area

The President of the Republic of Niger, Bazoum Mohamed, has visited Tera, a region bordering the three countries affected by terrorist attacks, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. At least 13,500 refugees have taken refuge in the area.

Nigerien President Bazoum Mohamed took the opportunity to call for unity among the tribes living in the area, which would help suppress the threat of terrorists trying to destabilize the region.

The Tera region, which borders Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, is a region where authorities are trying to crack down on terrorism. The Nigerien president reviewed the challenges facing Niger to ensure security in the Tera region.

The Nigerien president called on the authorities in Burkina Faso and Mali to give their full support to Niger’s efforts to end the scourge of Islam, especially terrorism.

Diagourou is a desolate, insecure town, as the mayor of Hama Boukari assured me. No school works in these areas, no government official can go to Diagourou village, our figures are 23 out of 43 we have left the area.

Salim Sani Shehuhttp://www.citadradio.com.ng
Salim is a multimedia journalist with vast knowladge of content creation and production

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